10K In 7 Days is a SCAM!

20 Jun, 2016


A new scam just came out, the 10K In 7 Days by the imaginary CEO “Chip Green” and our members are flooded with email invitations! Chip is very ambivalent and contradictory, on one hand he wants to give you $10,000 for free, on the other hand he starts off by saying “I am not your friend”, well Chip… we think this is a Cheap reverse psychology! The type of statements we hear and read on scam auto-traders all the time. It’s just the beginning though, it only gets worst as he continues with belligerent and odd persuasion tactics.

We are confident that this 10kin7days.co is a fraud site and it’s really easy to tell based on the really low production, it gets annoying after you go through 100’s of sites that all sound the same, and as always, it’s like a miracle.. exactly on the same day, over 15 different websites gave the 10K In 7 Days a positive review. Those websites were created in order to confuse those who will try to look for the truth on Google.

This Chip Green guy is a real character, the entire video is silly “where was I all this time?”, he states after displaying a really fake looking bank account snapshot, “half the month, I was checking out ancient Mayan Pyramids on the Yucatan Peninsula”. It’s more likely that this guy spend half the month in his mom’s basement planning how to scam a bunch of newbie binary options traders and it ended up looking really silly. Now this part is not for children, then he continues and states the following “The last two weeks were spent with a Playboy model partying ‘my skull off’ in Puerto Vallarta”… It’s obvious that the 10K In 7 Days is a SCAM, possibly created by a teenager but definitely not by a real trader. It only gets sillier… Who knows? It might convince some people, possibly those who are completely new to online trading, therefore it’s important that we post this warning! If anyone is sending you email invites related to 10kin7days.co, you should un-subscribe from their mailing list immediately, otherwise they might continue and spam you with similar offers forever.

Honestly now, the entire voice-over script is disgusting, full of reverse psychology, “what were you doing? Eating 5 star tuna meals?”…It’s so clever and friendly to humiliate your audience and new members. In real life, rich people don’t go around and laugh at poor people, it’s messed up and if anyone is doing it, they are assholes! The person behind the alleged Chip Green, is a filthy human and deserves more than a negative review, the website 10kin7days.co deserves to get hacked and destroyed to prevent any potential victims. If you are in this line of business, go for it and help us put this website out of business! Comments and feedback can also help us rank over the fake reviews on Google and this will help deter others from making a mistake and joining the 10K In 7 Days!

Chip Green is looking for 25 victims? Not really! The mass email solicitation is the evidence, why would you create all the fake reviews if you only need 25 members? he is looking for more! Close your wallets folks and do not sign-up! Don’t let your money go to waste, Chip might spend it on hookers in Mexico, this is probably the only true part about this video. Let’s finish this up, it’s not worth our time!

  • Buffy:

    Tip top stfuf. I’ll expect more now.

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