Binary Hijack is a SCAM! Warning!

05 Jun, 2016


Today we have to warn you about a new scam that just came out, the Binary Hijack. We already received complaints and we concluded that this software is a complete scam! Right now we’re seeing many sites, not related to binary options, posting positive Binary Hijack reviews and we’re hoping that this product will not be promoted on any trusted binary options websites, in any case you should avoid any websites that are participating in the marketing and solicitation of The conclusion we reached is that the Binary Hijack software by “Nick” is a money-making scheme, similar to offers we exposed in the past.

The fancy production did not fool us once again, just as it didn’t fool as when Insiders John (warning) and Binary Boom (warning) came out. Notice that in all cases, the alleged geniuses who supposedly created those extraordinary binary options software, always happen to be amazing actors! It’s as if when you become a great binary options trader, you magically become the best sales person on earth…NOT. In reality, it’s simply not the case. Nick the alleged creator of the “super magical software”, the Binary Hijack, is nothing but a lowlife actor who is knowingly participating in a scam operation. At the moment we are not going to ‘do a search’ right now on and try to locate him but if you find this guy’s gig or if you know of his true identity please share it with us so we can expose him. Nick is not a binary options trader and the website is one of 100’s of money-making schemes associated with FX and Binary Options, a plague, a growing disease in the industry.

Unfortunately many online marketers prefer to get paid more to solicit and advertise fraud offers in order to receive a higher compensation and many times newbie traders, and people without a clue as to what they are getting into, are the prime target! Unfortunately we have to admit that the Binary Hijack is indeed, a well produced scam, therefore we fear that many online traders will fall victims and deposit money in order to gain access to yet another fraud that has nothing to do with real trading and in all cases, the fake auto traders and fraud signals services are synced with unregulated binary options brokers as the regulated companies WILL NEVER want to risk their credibility by working with greedy online marketers and the folks who are behind the fake services!

A few days ago we received questions concerning this offer but had no answers, yet we obviously suspected that it was another new scam. In the last 48 hours we received 3 complaints from traders who lost their entire account balance, which ranged from $250 to $1000, using the Binary Hijack software. Hopefully we won’t receive any more complaints and this review will reach as many people as possible, and in time!

Not only that it doesn’t produce the amazing “soon to be a millionaire” ITM (In The Money) results, but the software doesn’t even generate a sufficient ITM performance to break-even!!! It’s a complete fraud. From a marketing point of view it seems like a scene taken from a good Hollywood movie but you have to face the facts and trust our warning, have no doubts in your mind that the website is a scam but if you don’t believe us, try it out and let us know how it went ,after you’re done playing around.

We welcome everyone to share any feedback, experiences, results or all other questions associated with the new Binary Hijack by “Nick” or anything else related to binary options.

Please share your any feedback relating to the Binary Hijack, thank you for reading our review!

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