Easy Money Method SCAM! Be Warned!

04 Jun, 2016


The never-ending story of binary options scams continues with a brand new system, the Easy Money Method. Frankly, we’re getting tired of writing review after review on these scams because it feels like we’re writing about the same thing over and over. Luckily, each of those scams have some sort of gimmick which makes it a bit more interesting for us. We hope you will find this review interesting as well.

The Easy Money Method (easymoneymethod.co) scam is brand new. It was released earlier this month. They have this annoying pop-up that keeps coming up, saying “Congratulations! You have been randomly selected by our system to win $10,000 today!” Yippee! Oh… damn. It’s a lie. Try going on the site if you haven’t done so already. It’s interesting that everyone who goes on the site gets “randomly” selected… What they actually want is that you give them your email address so that if you are not hypnotized by their video, they can still try to convince you to join them via emails. And if not, at least they can sell your email to other scammers. Once you enter your email, this pop-up will disappear. Ah! What a relief!

Like all the other similar money-making scams that we have been reviewing, Easy Money Method will convince you that time is running out and that if you don’t act quickly, you might not have a spot left. The Easy Money Method website promises and shows you pictures of fancy houses, cars, bank accounts, vacations, and provides with false testimonials, to make you greedy enough to lose your mind and buy into their scam. They also have amazing, Hollywood action movie-type dramatic music to get you hyped on joining them.

So let’s review how the EasyMoneyMethod.co scam works. First of all, they would like to have your details: name, country, phone number, email address, etc. Then, once you provide the information, they will automatically assign a broker for you based on your location. The brokers that work with them are all unregulated, fraudulent brokers who will take your deposit money and convince you via advanced rhetoric and salesman skills to deposit more. The money you will deposit will be gone forever. Remember the WatchDog’s warning! There will not be even one real person who shall comment below saying that he has actually made money with this scam. And if you have lost money with them, we encourage you to comment below so that everyone will know this is a scam.

Easymoneymethod.co will promise that you will become a millionaire with a click of a button, actually through three easy steps. Do you believe this? We don’t! There are no easy money methods! Making money some level of effort in most cases, and the more effort you exert, the more money you can make. Successful traders who make lots of money spent years studying trading techniques. And even they sometimes lose money because the market is unpredictable. How about a Free Binary Options Demo before you jump in the water?

On one of the false testimonials, EasyMoneyMethod took footage of two actors pretending to try the system live. Those actors ask a good question, a question that we all ask when facing such extravagant promises: If such a system actually exists, why not use it to cure poverty? This is actually a great question, but the answer given was quite stupid, we felt. Judge for yourself: “Making easy money ahhh… it’s only possible with my system. It’s one of a kind… I developed it myself and unfortunately I can only share it with a small, select group of people… to protect our income streams. Ammm… if the masses get ahold of it, some big corporation or government agency would steal it for sure!

Now, you might be wondering how we know that Greg and what’s her name are actors and not real people. Well, that’s easy. After they try the software and of course generate money with it, the Easy Money Method guy asks them to show their bank account. And surprise! Instead of the $800 they expected to see, they found $1800+ in their bank account. Well, in case you’re a complete newbie, even when you do make money with binary options, the money would be in the broker’s account until you make a withdrawal. This process takes a few days at least. So no way the money could somehow magically appeared on their bank account instantaneously. And with the brokers that are available with this scam, you can forget about withdrawing the money at all! If you wish to withdraw your earnings, you would have to go with an EU regulated and licensed broker, such as TopOption.com, WatchDog’s Top Rated Broker, a broker which would never agree to join forces with such cons! Otherwise, you can forget about ever getting your money back. So please help the trading community by posting your experiences with this rip-off, and stay away from the Easy Money Method scam, or shall we call it: the Easy Money LOSING Method!!!

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