Globe Traders Review

04 Jun, 2016

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You are about to become the next sucker to fall for the Globe Traders scam. Please take 3 minutes to read the entire review of GlobeTraders, and we will explain to you the problem with this algorithm software for binary options.

If you already lost your money using the Globe Traders product, there is nothing we can do to help you get your money back.

The Globe Traders Software Scam

When we watched the new GlobeTraders pitch video, we knew there is going to be many problems from traders.

For starters, their are making false promises and fake guarantees about making money.

They put a earnings calculator on their website, to make you believe that your $250 deposit, will turn into $1,290 in profit per day.

Sorry, but there does not exist a trading software that can make that kind of money.

When you look at the Global Traders interface you will see that signals are continuously being generated. If you watch the system long enough, you will see that they signals are constantly changing colors from Red to Green.

The way these trading algorithms are made, is to generate random signals, place trades on your account and see what happens.

If you have a look at Virtnext or Alive in 5, you will see that they are also using this “software”, just with a different logo and promotional video.

Globe Traders Broker Scam

A big problem with algorithm software and trading robots are the brokers that they connect too.

Did you know that 90% of the binary options brokers are really unlicensed offshore scams? Go here to see how the scam works!

The trading robot software Globe Traders randomly assigns you a broker, with no idea if the broker is licensed or not. Recently, the trading robots are connecting people to brokers that do not allow “API trading” or “Automated trading”.

This has let to many complaints by traders of having their accounts cancelled and profits being removed.


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