Golden Binary Profits is a SCAM!

05 Jun, 2016

As always you will find many fake reviews endorsing new products, such as the new Golden Binary Profits but we have concrete evidence, indicating that it’s a SCAM! Forget about the actual feedback we received via WatchDog’s Complaint Center, which was quick to come after they came out with this bogus software, but if you look for the indicator of a typical money-making schemes, you will soon find more than a few with website!

First of all, this scam doesn’t have anything to do with GoldDigger.Trade which we already reviewed in details, WatchDog’s Gold Digger Review. We have a reason to believe that this might be an attempt to confuse traders to believe that this system has anything to do with the relatively, authoritative software, Gold Digger. So far we have no reason to believe that it’s a scam due to the massive interest and lack of negative feedback on the software, but we still question it. As for the Golden Binary Profits, we are most certain that it’s a fraud.

Notice that the so-called, Jack Johnson the “creator” of Golden Binary Profits is the same guy on the Professor Andersen scam’s pitch page!!! Here is a snapshot from the “Professor’s” website aka So wait, is your name Jack Johnson or are you just a paid actor, hired to promote several scams? It’s most probably that you are just a scum-bag, actor who doesn’t care about the consequences of your actions, for you are a participant and a collaborator of at least two Binary Options fraud software! Shame on you! It’s easy to go on camera and lie with a straight face, but we wonder if this guy really understands how devious and fraudulent those websites are!

Golden Binary Profits and Professor Andersen were both created by the same scam-artists obviously, the websites look identical and the hosting for the websites is the same. We find this sort of conduct despicable!!! and other similar sites have no place in the binary options industry, in fact they are ruining it! There are many decent people out there who are treating binary options as a serious venture, in fact, there are good services and binary options communities out there. There are EU regulated brokers in this industry VS the shady brokers you will find working with money-making schemes such as this new Golden Binary Profits, poor excuse for “Software”!!!

This review will hopefully deter you away from both the Golden Binary Profits scam and also from the “so-called” Professor Andersen, as it appears that the guy keeps changing names, how credible is that? Every week a new software with a different name, and what do you know? It’s the same actor each time, selling stories to the masses!

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