GPS Trader is a 100% SCAM!

16 Jun, 2016


GPS Trader is definitely the type of scam that will either put you to sleep or steal your money. Writing this review was a challenge, boring but important for the purpose of alerting potential victims. Based on pure facts and common sense we established a very solid conclusion, we’re dealing with a fraud! We highly recommend grabbing some coffee before attempting to enter the website or switching on the GPS Trader Software presentation by Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO and founder of the system. Be sure to carefully read this review, as there are a few elements to this system that people seem to be falling for, and the last thing you’re probably looking for is to become another victim of a money making scheme.

The GPS Trader scam had been supposedly designed and developed by Richard and his brother Josh. Richard used to work as a developer for a global satellite positioning systems company called Garmin Ltd. His brother worked for Wall Street as a binary trader. Together they claim to have come up with the answer to everyone’s prayers, and created the GPS Trader Software. That is about as much as you truly need to know about these two, as the rest of their story is pretty much irrelevant.

During our review of the GPS Trader scam and presentation we are told that the system works by using satellite connections to get the trading outcome of 94/100th of a second faster than the rest of the markets. In turn making this auto trader mathematically impossible to allegedly lose. However when you actually do the math, you quickly come to realize that it is impractical for the software to actually achieve generating profits of $20k per day, even if the auto trader had to invest the whole of your investment, it would not reach that. Plus if you think Richard is truly going to increase each and every account to twenty thousand as that was his promise, think again!! If you start with £250 and end say at $3k, he would be an idiot to add seventeen thousand to your account, and we can guarantee that your account will not even reach $300.

Additionally, The unconfirmed Richard Heffner states that he triumphantly created 27 millionaires in the last 3 months to date. Sadly for him we noticed by doing a quick search of the domain name that the auto trader only exists since 26th April 2016, making it almost a month old today. What happened to the remaining two months? Furthermore, if you scroll down a little bit on the webpage have a careful look at the figure stated there…..$12,000. Really?? Where is the remainder $8k we were promised as a minimum??

The GPS Trader Scam software is reported to be one hundred percent risk free, and the way it has been refined to achieve this, is by placing a trade in the opposite direction each time the auto trader realizes the trade is on a losing trend. Now let’s do the sums a bit again. Anyone know of a broker that gives you 185% payout when you lose a trade? Which is the minimum you will need to recover the loss of the losing trade, plus the profit of the second trade. Neither do we, at the most you get 85%, which still leaves you with a 115% loss in your account with two trades placed. However do not take our word for it, you are most welcome to ask Robert Brookes, the broker Richard promises everyone will receive as it is his broker, and he has personally allocated him to everyone signing up. FYI – We highly doubt you will get anyone with that name at the other end of the phone.

The claims with how the GPS Trader Scam software work is not entirely out of this world, as we are aware of other successful binary options software’s that uses satellite data to place profitable trades. However the rest of the inconsistencies, the most ridiculous statements and claims, and overall sales pitch takes this scam to another level. We review several systems a week, and we have never come across one that stays true to their word and generate profits of that can accumulate to millions with such short spaces of time. We can also say with 100% certainty that the Software is also not one of them!

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