Greenwood Formula is a SCAM!

04 Jun, 2016


Warning, read our fact-based review on the Greenwood Formula SCAM prior to even researching the software any further, as will without a doubt expose all the details that every trader needs to know before even considering investing money with the fraudulent site. The Greenwood Formula software is being widely advertised as being able to generate you hundreds of thousands of dollars in as little as a month! This is very clever tactic used to target newbie day-traders and those who are in desperate need for some quick cash, it’s not a reasonable income you can expect with any trading system, even the most legitimate ones. Rest assure that after reading some of the evidence we found concerning the webpage, you will not be inclined to waste your time and money.

While in the process of writing this review on the Greenwood Formula Software, we noticed several testimonials that at first glance can probably taken as trusted. However when listening to all of them, they all happily state that they have been trading for approximately 20 days, but after doing a bit of research and looking into the domain’s age, we found that webpage was only registered on the 09th May, 2016. Plus when you take into consideration a couple of days to a week to set everything up, it has been way less than thirty days. Therefore indirectly proving that the lovely faces who claim to be so rich are actually far from it, as they are clearly happen to be paid liars.

$10,000 for taking a bonus that will lock your account with the broker, read more below!

Again faced with a software that supposedly offers you a cash reward for not achieving what they have promised, or just for landing on the website, in the case of the Greenwood Formula scam. If you’ve been following our previous reviews, no doubt you have read a review or two from systems offering exactly the same bait-and-switch bonus that locks your money with the broker right after you accept this money, until you generate a very high trade volume. This for us is one clear way of immediately pointing out that the system in question is more likely to be a fraudulent auto trader rather than one to be taken seriously. We can however say without losing any sleep on this, that should you decide to enter your name and email address on their site to try the Greenwood Formula Software out, you will NOT receive that $10k, even if you lose the whole of your deposit. Don’t fall into this common trap, you will regret it.

Jake the alleged nice guy who’s “extraordinarily kind” enough to hand the Greenwood Formula software to us for free, claims the auto trader is available by invitation only. This we believe is untrue, as we are one hundred percent sure that each and every person landing on the website will be able to enter their details and be congratulated on the next page. Again we are faced with countless scam systems to review that make the same remarks over and over again, nothing is new to us anymore. Even the lines where Jake, whom by the way never introduced himself, informs you that he is not even a trader let alone one of those guru’s who claim to know all. Well we would rather follow one of those guru’s because chances are they have more than half an idea of what they are talking about, than this sad actor Jake who is unverifiable and makes no sense.

During our review of the Greenwood Formula scam we picked up on something that some people might rightfully miss either due to inexperience or they weren’t paying too much attention, and that is the daily amounts the software is able of generating, which actually proves that this auto trader is not as consistent as claimed. When Jake who again, did not even tell you his last name, or his name as a matter of fact, you had to hear it from the testimonials featured on the presentation video, shows you his trading account over 5 days’ time it does not make sense. Notice how he started with $250, and his account increased to over $19k in one day, then to $21k after day to, and so on, until he reached $41k in five days’ time. Sure if the software is able of generating nineteen thousand in one day from a small deposit of two hundred and fifty, why then is it not able to generate much more than that over the next few days, or at least match that with more money in the account to work with. Basically making no sense at all anyway you look at it, far from reality and too good to be true.

In cases such as with the Greenwood Formula scam, we were actually really annoyed by the presentation video as it is obviously really manipulative and shared the same common traits that previous fraud sites we exposed engage in when it comes to the narrative. We are told over and over again how much money we will be making with the system, how we will be able to afford all our wildest dreams, and how easy it is going to be. However not at one point were we actually informed how the software works, what makes it special, and what is behind it that makes is so successful. The lack of evidence and links to the system is very worrying, and we would advise that you take your money and run, as this is definitely not the scam to invest it in.

Review Verdict: Greenwood Formula is a SCAM!

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