JMB Profit Machine is a SCAM!

05 Jun, 2016

Recently, several of our subscribers have asked us about a new software called JMB Profit Machine. Therefore, even though it will only be officially launched on July 20th, we decided to write a review so that if is found to be a scam, we would kill it before it is even released. The JMBProfitMachine was written by two British fellows, “Jonathan Mark” and “Matt Silver,” who claim to have made over $2.3M in the last 14 months from something they discovered by complete accident. They are rather handsome and the famous picture of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road is hanging on the wall behind them – very charming. Unfortunately, their idea and the way their trying to promote it are not as charming.

Jonathan Mark and Matt Silver claim that their JMBProfitMachine software “literally dumps money in your account,” thousands of dollars daily on auto-pilot. And how? By “utilizing the power and speed of our cloud processing super computer node technology.” SAY WHAT? They claim that they were programmers of some of the best internet companies. In their spare time, they started a small website in which they worked with cloud processing, but they want to save us the complicated explanations and make it as simple as they can. They are probably hoping that if they throw a bunch of complicated words together without going into details it will seem like they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, they don’t because this phrase doesn’t make any sense at all in the context of binary options.

Going over the website reveals a variety of marketing techniques that are used by most of the scam services we review. On the main landing page, the creators of JMB Profit Machine pride themselves with having 1,107 video testimonials. We actually watched all 1,107 testimonials, and couldn’t find even one single reference to the JMB Profit Machine. All testimonials refer to something they call “it.” But this is not the only strange thing, how did they manage to already receive 1,107 testimonials before they even officially launched their software unless those are fake testimonials?

To sign up with JMB Profit Machine, a “compatibility check” is provided which finds out your geographical location on order to set you up with one of their supported brokers. Their application also “checks” your browser compatibility, available node and cluster strength. After running the check, the compatibility application let us know that we qualify to join JMB Profit Machine. What a surprise. They claim that if your location is compatible, it means you are located in one of very few locations in which the software is available. “So it’s a real big deal.” No worries. In reality, it doesn’t matter where you are located, the software will work because these are all lies. As we’ve seen with many other scams, this marketing technique makes you feel you are signing up with something exclusive that not anyone can get access to.

Granted, Jonathan Mark and Matt Silver from the JMB Profit Machine know some complicated terms in computer science. This may make an impression as if they know what they are talking about. However, these guys obviously know nothing about trading binary options.

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