Ola Scam Revealed #MoveNavigator

22 Sep, 2016

RaksWeb (Rakesh) 2016-09-21 14:38:01 UTC #11
11,600 is too huge a number and startup ecosystem was not even aware of this and all this while we have been discussing book-ish strategies looking like idiots and the cab drivers are making all of the money
I am wondering if there is even a fool proof engineering design to prevent GPS hacking
If the MoveNavigator could hack the GPS co-ordinates, I am wondering how is Uber not getting affected. A highly motivated hacker can build a custom Android ROM with even the GPS device driver compromised with the fraudsters installing this custom ROM upon which the App is installed.
One solution could be to enforce that the rider has the device with him from which the ride was booked and then riders GPS and the driver’s GPS are matched but then the scamster would have rider’s GPS also get hacked because any way the riders are as well fakes, though the cost of buying MoveNavigator is increased.
The only solution is the economics solution wherein the drivers have to buy leads from Ola but then that is when the house of cards Ola is built upon would come falling down.
Ola should have definitely taken a legal action, not on all 11,600 drivers but only against few drivers just to set an example.
anshuljohri (Anshul Johri) 2016-09-21 16:12:39 UTC #12
A small conversation with my Uber driver today, answering my one line question ” Since how long you are running Uber? ” driver says- ” 4 months se sir, usse pahle Ola mein tha. Olacabs vaale ch&$#@ banate hain incentive ke naam pe chor hai sab ke sab vahan, 1 year gaadi chalaya vahan lekin kuchh bhi hath nahin laga, incentive dikha ke over duty karvate hain aur fir worng calculation dikha ke bolte hain tumne target achieve nahin kiya, abhi 4 months back Uber mein switch kiya aur life kaafi happy hai. Time pe paisa aata hai aur incentive ka promise bhi poora hota hai. Pata nahin kaise yeh Ola itna paisa uthaya hai bade logon se (he was mentioning investors), kaise chalegi yeh chor company. Suna hai Uber ke paas bhi bahut paisa hai but voh log Indian mentality ke nahin hain isliye achha karte honge. ”
I was laughing hard the whole journey. I hardly find a hindi speaking fellow (driver) in cabs but this time this person was amazing. I thought of blogging this story somewhere but than in the afternoon I found an other trending story on similar context so thought of narrating it here.
vishup (Vishu) 2016-09-22 01:24:03 UTC #13
Only recently (2 days back) I heard similar story from an Uber driver. This obviously is in much more detail but the technique the driver told me was similar (4-5 ppl sitting in a single cab, no real customer). He said “Uber ka software hi itna dhansu hai ki aap koshish kar ke bhi fraud nahi kar sakte” .
Gaurav_Chandra (Gaurav Chandra) 2016-09-22 05:57:13 UTC #14
It actually pains me that Indian companies are at a level where they are not able to build sustainable businesses for long term but only want to work short term. If Ola could invest heavily in tech. this situation would not arrive but they are not serious about it. They just want to make money and be done with it.
This is where all the foreign companies come in and capture the market because they are investing money at the right places.
Well the chor mentality always wins. No one wants to work hard and earn money honestly here. Everyone is trying to make a fool of the other person.
Gopi_Ar (Gopi Aravind) 2016-09-22 09:43:14 UTC #15
GPS is quick easy to spoof. A college grad developed tech in the US that was able to confuse a drone flying overhead. This was 2014.

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