Playboy Money Machine is a SCAM!

12 Jun, 2016

Let’s start with the obvious conclusion, the Playboy Money Machine is a SCAM! This review is not for children and if you’re considering to invest money with this bogus site, be sure that be gathered enough evidence to debunk the fraud by the alleged James Benson. He is the actor who plays the role of an Internationally recognized Investor, “Player” and an alumni of Harvard University.

First we checked into the age of this website and found that was registered and created on March 4th, 2016 based on Domain Lookup, exactly one month from the publication of this review. The most common scam elements we found on the Playboy Money Machine pitch page include the Countdown widget and limited number of registrations left, as well as the 100% matching bonus offered to members in the 2nd video. Luckily it’s easy to look-up names of students who attended prominent Universities around the world and we found that there is no Harvard Alumni by the name of James Benson who studied Psychology 5 years ago and we couldn’t find this “International Playboy Star” on any Social Networks, not even on LinkedIn! Literally anywhere you’d expect to find someone to successful, James Benson is not there as we’re obviously dealing with a lying actor.

Furthermore the Playboy Money Machine scam creators are not just being generous with the 100% deposit matching bonus since there is a restriction that comes with accepting this bonus. It locks your ability to withdraw even a penny from your account balance, until you’re able to reach a very high volume of trades, often equal to 30 or 40 times your initial deposit amount! This is one of the ways the and other similar scam sites attempt to trap their members, in case they wake up and decide to ask for an early withdrawal, after realizing that it’s a money trap and any dreams of becoming an online-pimp have been crushed into pieces. It’s not going to happen overnight so forget about it.

Let’s go over more interesting facts related to this perverted money-making scheme by James Benson, his call girls and the lousy green screen. Obviously in some of the scenes it’s clear that they are in a studio due to the use of the green screen, so a production company is 100% behind this and not credible day-traders or an actual system that’s based on technical analysis or trading algorithms. Bells and whistles, half naked girls and zero credibility.

The introduction begins with the lucky actor who played the “James Benson” role for the scam, dancing around in what appears to be a strip club, with a bunch of half naked girls. This is the literal definition of ‘dream selling’ but this time they are targeting the guys. They forgot that binary options is not just traded by young men, it’s true that the majority of day-traders are men so it makes sense that they would come up with such a sleazy narrative. We are confident that no woman is going to fall for the Playboy Money Machine and we’re hoping to save as many men as we can. Don’t feel embarrassed if you are a newbie and fell for this fraud, we see many educated individuals fall for fancy looking offers all the time, research is the key and you must always verify if the broker or signals service you wish to sign-up with is backed by positive reviews and credible testimonials. As you can verify by doing some research beyond our Playboy Money Machine Review, this system has zero credibility! It’s mostly marketed by shady email spammers and blogs with no evidence to back their fake reviews.

The idea behind this perverted narrative is that by passively using the automated Playboy Money Machine, you’ll be able to make fast money and ‘get laid’ all day long, surrounded by females who worship you day and night. The only thing that separates you from living the Playboy life is a deposit with one of the shady brokers that are collaborating with We registered a few accounts from different IPs and found that this web-based binary options software is not synced with regulated brokers, another very big red flag in case you are not sure this review covered enough.

We don’t feel as if it’s necessary to really get into all the details but besides the sleaziness, you’ll find many contradictions in the narrative. 30 people are invited to this “party” they’re having, while there are “50 spots left”… Early Beta Testers made money before this website came to existence and so on, the bottom line is that you have to take into consideration that all the different elements, such as the exit pop-up and the annoying widgets and up-sell bonus tactics, are common denominators that many scam sites share, as clearly exposed in almost every review we publish. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you and invest money with the Playboy Money Machine Scam software, you are bound to lose your money and given no evidence and so many lies it would be foolish of you to fall for this ridiculous offer. These type of sites are like a plague in the binary options industry and our goal is to expose them one by one and assist day-traders who are searching for alternatives and safe opportunities.

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