The Golden Paradigm is a SCAM!

20 Jun, 2016


Do not trust The Golden Paradigm SCAM by the alleged Nathan Weiss, as this review will absolutely change your mind if you’re considering to join aka G.P. Technology. It’s no wonder that this website was created just a few weeks ago based on domain age check. In case you decide to Google Search for reviews on The Golden Paradigm, you may run into some fake endorsements on blogs and fake news sites with no real credibility.

First let’s get the “Warning, you have XY time to register until the next Invitee takes your spot”, scam sites just love to use that same exact tactic over and over. We first noticed this website a couple of weeks ago when a negative Golden Paradigm Review was posted on Scam.Reviews by Hans Friedrich, since then nothing changed. Visit this counterfeit website every day and you’ll keep seeing the same message. If Nathan Weiss had a credible patented software that is based on “Top Secret algorithms” as he claims”, we wouldn’t see all the shady pressure tactics all over

Can you really make $978.63 hourly with any binary options software? $24,000 daily? maybe in your dreams or if you’re extremely lucky but this alone is enough to indicate that we’re dealing with a pure scam. It’s funny how this voice actor aka Nathan Weiss tries to convince potential victims that looking at past events instead of calculating the current or future trends is what makes The Golden Paradigm so unique. The entire story doesn’t make any sense, and no wonder that we couldn’t find any records for a patent associated with G.P Technology, The Golden Paradigm or Nathan Weiss.

As for the members of The Golden Paradigm who are currently on vacations, buying fancy cars and enjoying their life, we did try to verify those members on Facebook but they do not exist. No wonder there’s no way to click on any of their profiles in order to verify them. We welcome you to do your own independent research on “Gunther Hoffmann, Quintin Marina, Spencer Sutton, Jenny Andrews, Beatrice Burton and Eleanor Francis” and good luck trying to locate them anywhere online or offline. The G.P. Technology is a fraud, just today we received several comments and emails by traders asking if is legitimate, so the answer is absolutely not. If you feel like testing a software that is based on a narrative that makes no sense, works with scam brokers and uses annoying pressure tactics to get you to register, this one is surely for you but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Just on a side note, there’s also no trademark associated with Golden Paradigm, another straight lie.

Furthermore, it’s really concerning to see so many scam programs are synced with the broker, lately we are receiving some horrible complaints concerning the conduct of this broker and you can verify it on other forums and blogs, is not a trusted broker at this point and considering they work with scam sites. Notice how the ridiculous actor in the video, shows you his winnings from The Golden Paradigm and his GT broker account. This is terrible news, and any service that is willing to sync up with brokers that commit fraud, should be avoided at all cost.

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