The Italian Method is a SCAM!

20 Jun, 2016


Avoid the Italian Method fraudulent SCAM software by the alleged Giovanni Berti! Our honest review will save you money if you are currently considering to join the, or any other domain associated with this specific offer! We have factual evidence leading us to a firm conclusion that this is a scam and we don’t need to understand Italian to get the idea, after years of experience exposing fraud sites at

Those of you who didn’t get the change to read some of the previous reviews we posted in reference to Aussie Method and the rest of the scam methods, should refer to Aussie Method Review in order to get an idea of what’s behind the first site in a series of duplicate, almost-identical pages! You’ll find that each of the previous methods we exposed, seem almost exactly like The Italian Method! Frits Van Dijk, Jason Taylor, Jake Shen and Giovanni Berti are all FAKE.

We did a Google Picture Search to locate Mr. Berti and could only found information that relates to him in this fake Italian Method Review: by this Claudio who’s collaborating with the scam. Looking at what he wrote, no evidence was provided and instead he chose to add a snapshot of this “Profit Guarantee Certificate”, the same one you’ll find on, and the rest of the duplicate clones. Whoever is behind this money-making scheme, created a custom pitch page for every country and region in the world where online-trading is highly demanded.After visiting the clones of the Italian Method, such as The Malay Method which we exposed yesterday, it’s more than obvious. One example that we keep referring to is the repeated conversation with this “Laura” who is one of the so-called Beta Testers of, it seems like the scammers are so lazy that they forgot to change the names of the fake members each time as illustrated below:t should be obvious to anyone who’s reading this review that “Laura Patterson” didn’t test and generate 78,610 EUR with all 3 systems: Swiss, Hollandse and The Italian Method! The conversation is completely fabricated, just like everything else that’s written, displayed or mentioned on the scam site. This is certainly not a real way to make money with binary options, and based on previous reviews on Aussie Method we already know that day-traders are losing a lot of money with the GEO-targeted scam operation. The Italian Method is just a single site, associated with an International Network of fraud sites that are all owed by the same Scam-artist! There is a clear intention to deceive people by making them feel as if they found a local and “trusted” way to make money online. This warning is very important and hopefully Italian speaking day-traders will do some research and find this Italian Method review before losing it with the SCAM! If you already tested this software or have an experience to share, we welcome you to comment below and help us warn and deter others from this fraudulent joining this lousy and despicable virtual garbage.

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